Monday, December 14, 2015

Kathleen Krull: Gossipy and Generous!

Grade four students packed into the Library Media Center on a Friday afternoon in December to learn from a biographer.  Thanks to our generous P.T.O., fourth grade students had a wonderful opportunity to connect with talented biography author, Kathleen Krull.  Her biography writing is never dull and includes information about the lives of famous people in vivid and clever ways.  We were lucky enough to host Kathleen last year as part of our Author/Illustrator Program. Her writing tips included being nosy and learning all of the gossipy details about someone's life, including what mistakes they made and even their hair woes! She encouraged students to not write like an encyclopedia but to add interesting details to their writing. The students took notes and will use Kathleen's advice when they craft their own biographies.  Grade four students have chosen a special person to interview. This project will include additional research about the time period their person grew up in; all special persons will be invited to GES for a special celebration of their lives.  

We are so excited about this project and for the opportunity to learn from our mentor, Kathleen Krull once again. To learn more about Kathleen or her writing, please visit her website at

Fourth grade students learn insider tips about biography writing.

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